Monday, January 15, 2007

GrameenPhone and a poor free application mig33

One fine morning my Internet service provider(ISP) informed me that they will not allow me to use Internet explorer or other free browser to check my email, to read news paper and other internet activities (Technically they can block specific application), Instead of that they kindly offered me there custom made browser and email system which is a paid service.... Most of you who have lest idea how the internet works may be thinking "what the hell, which ISP is this?!"...... I woke up from that stupid dream, checked my email and opened a news site, happy to see all services are running. Day passed by, now I use my mobile phone to check email, doing browsing and even instant messaging (chatting), thanks to GrameenPhone for providing the internet service.
But sometime your dream comes true, this morning many of us received SMS from our dear GP informing they will not allow mig33 (a free mobile internet application for instant messaging) instead they are offering "GP Instant Messaging" which is free till 31st January 2007. Though I do not use mig33 but as a technical professional it looks very strange to me that such a well reputed company who often talks about social responsibilities is trying to stop a free service just to sell own product and increase the income (by the way, does anyone know whether GP had blocked ICQ SMS service back in 2002 or was it a technical fault?). GrameenPhone should understand that the customers are paying for the internet data and they can use any application they wish or like (be it mig33 or MSN mobile). We do not expect GP to have such stupid dreams like me.